What To Know Before Sourcing For Key Cutting Services In Newcastle

Experienced locksmiths offer key cutting services by making an exact copy of the original key. Get access to your locked home if you have misplaced or lost keys.

Key cutting is a service offered by Auto Locksmiths in Newcastle. We provide a comprehensive range of key-cutting services, whether you require a duplicate or replacement key or have lost your keys and need them programmed. 

Our professional technicians are fully qualified and have the right tools to carry out any key-cutting service in Newcastle that you may need.

What is key cutting?

Key cutting is making an exact copy of your original key or an entirely new key.  

This process involves decoding manufacturers’ lock codes so that you can make a new key. To cut the keys by code, we will require a manufacturer’s key code found on the user’s manual or a separate card known as a key code card. If you do not have the code, you will need an original key.

Once you have the code, we will work with a blank key to make another one just like the original. 

We usually work with a blank key, sold at various suppliers’ shops, which we stock in our facilities.  It is also possible for us to colour-code your keys for easier identification.

This highly specialized service requires experience, specific lock picking tools, and the lock cylinder, which calls for in-depth learning and observation by our specialist locksmiths in Newcastle. 

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Reasons why you need to cut keys

Our key cutting services in Newcastle are necessary when you don’t have an extra key for your house or car or have lost your keys.

It is a widespread occurrence to find people who operate using only one key. However, UK Newcastle Locksmith always recommends having at least one set of spare keys for any eventualities.

The need to replace lost keys is often very urgent, especially if you are locked out of your home or office. When you have lost your keys, the least favourable option is to break into your house, which carries extra damages and costs. It is for this reason that you need a spare key.

A spare key will provide you with an alternative option when you want to reduce wear and tear on your original keys. It also gives you peace of mind when you have misplaced your original keys.

Circumstances when you need to have key cutting services

There are many instances when you might find yourself in need of key-cutting services. It is not always possible to know when that time may come, so it is better if you are always prepared.

Here are some of the occasions you might need to pick up the phone and call us.

  • If you are the victim of a break-in and you need a set of new keys
  • If multiple users operate your business premises
  • When you have misplaced your keys
  • When you have been locked out of your office
  • When you need a spare key for safekeeping.
  • If there are faulty locks or jammed keys in a lock
  • When you have broken keys

Auto Locksmith service options that are available

If you have lost or damaged your keys, call us immediately for a replacement.  We can also take out old keys that are worn down and no longer work properly.

We work with a range of keys, including regular household keys and high-security commercial keys. The type of keys include the following, among others:

  • Car Keys
  • House keys
  • Office Keys
  • Warehouse keys
  • Safe keys 
  • Car lockout

Our emergency services

We offer 24-hour emergency key cutting services in Newcastle so that you never have to worry about being locked out again. Our mobile key cutters come to your location within 30 minutes of requesting our assistance and make a new one for you immediately. We only need you to provide us with a valid residential address where we can reach you.

Our expert technicians provide high-quality key cutting services at affordable prices using only the highest quality tools and equipment, ensuring that all jobs are completed efficiently without compromising quality.

Why Choose Us For Key Cutting In Newcastle?

Our team of skilled technicians at UK Newcastle Locksmiths have more than twelve years of experience in the locksmith industry.  The technicians are friendly and professional and use high-quality tools and machinery to ensure top-notch service delivery. 

We are proud to offer several other services, including key cutting, lock installation and repairs, deadlock installation and removal, ignition repair and replacement, and more.

We can cut keys in just a few minutes.

We deal in an extensive range of products: Assa Abloy, Medeco, Baldwin, Yale, Emtek, and other leading brands.


Whether you need to replace a lost key or find a duplicate for your home or car, we can help! If you’re locked out of your car or house because you lost your keys, our mobile locksmiths will come to you within 30 minutes with all the necessary tools and equipment to get you back inside safely. 

We also provide emergency services for all our customers. If you live in the Newcastle area and need a new set of keys for any reason that we discussed above,  contact Auto Locksmith today for the best key cutting services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A professional locksmith can cut a new key in just a few minutes while you wait for your new set. The locksmith can work on high-security locks in less than 72 hours.

Auto locksmiths are professionally trained to uphold integrity and secure all customers’ information. They cannot share any information about their customers and are required to verify ownership of any asset you bring to them.

Our team works to ensure that all keys work perfectly each time. If you experience any problem, walk into any of our locations, and we will be happy to replace that key with another.