Losing your car key can be devastating when you need to wait for a replacement. Key Programming in Newcastle is a quick fix as you wait for a replacement. 

The olden days were relatively simple when you needed to start your car. All you needed to do was place the key into the ignition, turn it, and immediately, your car would start. Today, a significant percentage of individuals have cars. 

With this rise in car ownership, there have also been other adverse changes, including ridiculous car locksmith prices when you need to purchase. Some desperate individuals unable to afford have therefore resorted to stealing. 

To prevent the rise in car theft, car dealers have needed additional innovations such as key programming, which comes in when you have lost your key and cannot quickly get a replacement. 

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What is key programming?

When you lose your car key, the first thought that comes to mind is how soon you can replace it. Fortunately, key programming is a step ahead and helps you with your usual car business as you wait for a key replacement. 

A preset blank chip is reprogrammed to fit your car key in key programming. In essence, a reprogrammed key matches your vehicle’s current settings. While ordering a key replacement for your car may take a while, key programming is the service that will suffice while you wait. 

As initially mentioned, losing your car key can be devastating. It means not being able to use your car for a while. There is a period in between as you wait for the key replacement to be done. It can also call for desperation, where you will quickly be looking for an automotive locksmith to help with the relief. 

There are factors or tips for choosing an auto locksmith in Newcastle that can be incredibly beneficial. These tips help to ensure you get the suitable key replacement and key programming that matches your car. You are assured that the key replacement will be efficient, but you are also confirmed that the key programming will fit your car type. 

How long does key programming take?

When you get to the point of needing a car key cutting or key programming, the timelines will vary. It does not mean the end of the road when you lose your car key. There are experienced auto locksmiths in Newcastle whose expertise leads to replacing or programming your car key in minutes.

In some situations, however, the programming of your key may take a while if your car does not allow key cloning, which takes a shorter time. The auto locksmith will need to use a diagnostic machine to complete the key programming process. This means a more extended waiting period for the auto locksmith’s workshop. 

Steps for a successful key programming

It is essential to understand how key programming works. It gives you a hang of what the auto locksmith is doing to allow you to drive your car again. While it works differently for different vehicles, here are the three steps that you can break down into key programming.

Step one: Assess the car

Your auto locksmith will need to assess and understand your car’s make. Assessing allows them to know what blank key fob and tools to use in programming your car key. In addition to this, the auto locksmith will be better placed to advise how long you will need to wait for key programming. 

Step two: Program the fob or transponder chip

Here, the UK Newcastle locksmith will need to program the fob and see if the programming is compatible with your car. 

Step three: Test the key

Key programming is not complete until the locksmith tests the programmed key on your car and confirms that it is working. If a test is done and the programmed key is found not working, the auto locksmith will have to do different programming. 

What are the advantages of programmable car keys?

You can unlock your car without putting your key in the door.

Initially, with the traditional car key, you would have to take it out and place it in the door to get access to your car. A programmable car key has changed all that. You can now open and lock your door remotely. It is possible to do this with your hands still in your pockets. 

You can unlock all doors at the same time.

It becomes easier to give access to more than one person needing to access your car. Key programming no longer needs to feel like you are getting detached from your car key after misplacing. It is a blessing in disguise as it makes things easier. 

You can unlock your door faster, which enhances your safety.

Studies have confirmed that most muggers in parking lots target people who tend to dig deeper into their pockets, searching for their car keys. They also target those who put their keys in the car’s door. This takes time, and they know you will be the culprit. 

To avoid this, get a programmable car key that unlocks your door before you get to where you have packed, making you gain access quickly. The less time you spend outside your vehicle, the safer you are. 

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Waiting for your car key to get replaced after misplacing can be daunting. It costs you both your precious time and money. In addition to this stress, you will spend more time looking for an auto locksmith who will replace your key quickly. Sometimes, it becomes an epic fail if you do not have factual information on the auto locksmith you intend to work hire.

Have you heard of UK Newcastle Locksmith? They are a 24-hour locksmith service with outstanding expertise in their field. If you lose your car key, you are assured of emergency service assistance and quicker access to your vehicle after a key programming service. 

What are you waiting for? If you have misplaced your car key and need a solution with a quick turnaround time and excellent customer service, reach out to UK Newcastle Locksmith today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The first step to programming a car key is to turn the ignition on and off. Use a key that works for this step. Secondly, use a car key that is not working by repeating the same process on the ignition. If your key does not work, you need to visit an auto locksmith to program the key again for you.

What you need to get back after key programming are your two original key fobs and an additional 2-way remote start fobs. All these four should start your vehicle should you lose your original car key.

  • Sit on your driver’s seat and turn on the ignition
  • Allow your security light to stay on for at least 15 minutes
  • Switch your ignition on and off. This process will automatically switch off your security light
  • Repeat these same steps

How long a key programming take varies with the type of vehicle. However, most auto locksmiths talk of a period between 15 and 30 minutes. If key cutting is involved during this process, it could take about one hour.