Ever had your car stall at that point you used your key to start it? Your key may probably need repair. But, before then, here is what you should know. 

Your car key will set itself up for a needed repair at the worst possible time. It could be during that hour when you are already late for work and need to rush quickly or need to drop your kids to school. 

The key will fail you when you need to rush a patient to the hospital. These are examples of scenarios that could mean your car key needs a repair done. 

Before rushing to make any other decisions, the first thing you must do is diagnose the problem. If your key won’t ignite your car, there is no need to panic. 

There is always a reason behind the failure. Challenges are a part of our daily life in a more positive light, and there are always available solutions to help you fix them. get more details about our locksmith pricing in Newcastle.

The following are why your car key is not working and probably needs a repair.

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Damaged Lock

While it is obvious to want to blame the car that won’t start on your car key, the problem could be somewhere else, with your lock. If you have a broken or slightly damaged lock, your car key will not fit. 

Not fixing these locks may break your key resulting in an urgent need for a key repair. If you are wondering how to get the best car key makers for the repair, you will be happy to find out that the right one will not only repair the key but will go ahead to disassemble and repair your ignition chamber as well. 


Damages are not always the reason your car key suddenly stops working. Sometimes, it is a more in-depth issue like a blockage that will prevent your key from fitting as it should. Again, this is a common problem related to locks and keys and is easy to fix. 

You need to get one of the best auto locksmiths in London, particularly Newcastle, who dismantle the lock to allow for the dirt to clear and ease the blockage. 

While doing all this, take note not to tamper with the WD40 or the start. Additionally, avoid poking the lock with a wire as you could push the dirt further, worsening the blockage. 

Worn-out and damaged Keys

If the grooves in your car key are worn out, preventing the key from fitting in the ignition, you need a repair. If you have also used the key long enough, it is normal for the teeth on the key to wearing out. 

Alternatively, you may have been in a hurry, and while being too rough in starting your car, you accidentally broke or bent the key. 

The only way to make your car key work is to ensure it fits perfectly with the pins and tumblers in your ignition. 

Luckily, you can get an auto locksmith who may recommend a repair by cutting the key to one that will fit your ignition perfectly. 

Faulty Ignition Cylinder

Your ignition is not just a chamber for your key. Other connected systems include switches, batteries, circuits, and more. All these immediately start functioning the very moment you start your car. 

If your ignition is faulty, you will experience;

  • A car stalling and not starting at all
  • Power issues and 
  • A car key stuck in the ignition

If you are experiencing any of these issues, you will need to contact a mechanic or make your way to a mechanic shop to get it fixed. 


Not knowing when and how to repair your car key can be quite frustrating, especially when you have experienced the problem for the first time. It is even worse when you urgently need to use a vehicle but cannot get your car to start and do not have a spare car key. 

Luckily, UK Newcastle Locksmith is a key repair Newcastle service available to not only help you with car key fixing and replacement. London is known for their outstanding services backed with efficiency, speed, and great and reliable customer experience.

Suppose you want a stress-free experience with your car key going forward. You now know what absolute choice to make. Reach out to UK Newcastle Locksmith and get a feel of what it is like to get value for the services you pay for. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The first thing you want to look out for is if any dirt has accumulated in the ignition cylinder. Dust, in many cases, causes stickiness in your key, making it difficult to pass an ignition or do an unlock. 

If this is the case, fixing is a little challenging. Use a dry lubricant to spray into the key’s keyway, then insert the key a few times to allow the lubricant to work.

The two common reasons that cause jamming on your key are using your key but on a different vehicle or attempting to ignite when the steering wheel is locked. The solution to unlocking your steering wheel is to turn it side by side while simultaneously turning on the ignition key.

The most common reason your key won’t completely turn off is that you did not completely turn off your car. Turn the key into the lock position to make sure you have completely turned off your car. Most cars use an ‘all the way down cycle to completely turn off the car.

You can incorporate three methods that will help your key get unstuck. 

  • Use a lubricant. Your key will get stuck if the keyhole has gotten too dry; therefore, lubrication will ease the movement. 
  • Use graphite powder
  • Push the plug

All the above three methods help ease any strain or force you are using that may cause your key to get stuck.